Video of 4-year-old boy asking for help to wash his hands in Chick-fil-A goes viral

    A screenshot of the viral video Andrew Hall took of Levi Stevens asking for help washing his hands in a Chick-fil-A in Lynchburg, Va. (Photo & Video: Andrew Hall)<p>{/p}

    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - A video taken at a Lynchburg Chick-fil-A has gone viral.

    Andrew Hall works at the Wards Road location, and he got a little more than he was expecting Monday evening.

    Hall was in the middle of his shift when four-year-old Levi Stevens ran into the men's room and climbed under the stall he was in.

    "I just see his little head pop under the stall, and I was like, this kid's not actually come under here is he? I'm just gonna start recording in case something happens," Andrew said.

    In the video, that's now been seen over 10 million times on Twitter, Levi can be seen crawling under the stall and asking Andrew to help him wash his hands.

    Levi's mom Melissa Stevens told him to go wash his hands, according to her Facebook page.

    She writes he took off right to the men's room when she meant for the two of them to go into the women's restroom.

    The problem was, his dad wasn't there.

    "I want someone to hold me and help me wash my hands," Levi says to Andrew.

    Andrew can be heard in the video telling Levi his mom is outside.

    Levi then opens the stall door and shuts it, saying "you just have to lock it," before exiting the men's room.

    "I got a call from a friend asking if I had seen 'the viral video of a kid that looks like Levi in the Chick-fil-A bathroom' We were there last night," Melissa wrote on ther Facebook page, "I held my breath and watched the video of my sweet, fearless boy asking for help to wash his hands."

    Melissa wrote on her page that she was standing outside the bathroom and had opened the door and yelled for Levi to come out.

    She says she heard Levi talking to a man and would have rushed in if she felt her son had been in danger.

    When Levi came out, Melissa took him to wash his hands.

    Andrew first posted the video on Snapchat, and then on Twitter.

    Before the video was posted on Twitter, Andrew had only 400 followers.

    Now, he has over 17,000.

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