Joan Foster selected as new mayor of Lynchburg

Joan Foster selected as Mayor of Lynchburg (Photo: WSET)

UPDATE : After garnering the majority vote, Lynchburg city councilwoman Joan Foster became the new mayor. "I am very very happy and thank my fellow council members" said Foster.

Foster, who also once served as vice mayor, has served three previous terms as mayor. "I'm going into my 15th year. So we know and have worked closely in our city and our city government" said Foster.

But when it came time to select a vice-mayor, city council voted for a relatively new member, Treney Tweedy.

Tweedy was elected in 2014. "It means a lot. I believe in hard work. I believe in working with everyone" said Tweedy.

It's the first time in Lynchburg that two women have held those positions. Lynchburg resident Shawn Simmons supports Foster and would like to see her focus on job creation in her new term. More job opportunities. More housing. Especially more job opportunities in the Downtown area" said Simmons.

But another resident tells Abc 13, she just wants her voice heard. "Time spent asking us what we need, as far as, on transportation, as far as, getting to and from the far parts of the city."

Foster says she's all ears. "You can see me in the grocery store tomorrow and let me know what you think" said Foster.

Foster is also the first mayor to hold the role 4 times. This year we also saw our first female city manager, Bonnie Svrcek, who just appointed a female interim Deputy city manager, Margaret Schmitt..

Foster says one of her main focuses, this term, will be to decrease poverty in the city.


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) - Former Mayor and Vice Mayor Joan Foster has been selected as the new Mayor of Lynchburg.

Foster was elected to City Council in 2002 and served as Vice Mayor from 2004 - 2006 and then as Mayor from 2006 to 2012. Foster is also the Director of Development with Lynchburg Beacon of Hope, and organization which tries to instill in all Lynchburg City Public School students the aspiration to pursue and attain a post-secondary education.

Treney Tweedy was selected as the new Vice Mayor.

Tweedy was elected to Council in 2014. She is a former member of the Lynchburg School Board and currently works with the Eastern Region for Goodwill Industries of the Valley.

Former Lynchburg Mayor Mike Gillette did not run for council this year, council members voted in Joan Foster. Lynchburg City Council member, Randy Nelson, got two less votes that Foster and was nominated for Vice Mayor. But Nelson declined the nomination and then nominated council member Turner Perrow.

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