VDOT: Structurally deficient bridge in Campbell Co. may need repairs

460 bridge.JPG

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- VDOT said the bridge overlooking Route 29 Business near Liberty University's campus is structurally deficient.

VDOT said the bridge can be considered structurally deficient if it is restricted to light vehicles only, closed to traffic or needs rehab.

Currently, the superstructure of the bridge has a rating of 4 which means it is in poor condition and needs to be monitored.

In addition, VDOT said another issue with the bridge is that its clearance is too low and susceptible to being hit by truck drivers.

Although the bridge has not been hit by a truck in five years, it is still an issue to be corrected.

"When we look at something that's a deficient structure, we try to come up with a long range plan to replace that structure. So when we have funding and a full understanding of what the issues are we certainly are going to look to replace it," said Dale Totten of VDOT.

There is no project in the works to fix the bridge at this time.

However, a study going on to look into the bridge and any possible projects for it in the future.

VDOT is assuring drivers that this does not mean the bridge is likely to collapse and that they should not be worried about crossing the bridge. It is still safe to travel.

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