VDOT Crews fight refreeze overnight

VDOT says that after Sunday morning's snow and rain, slick spots will be an issue on roadways (Photo: Whitney Burney)

ROANOKE, Va.,(WSET)--- The VDOT crews in the Roanoke and Salem areas are working to fight refreeze overnight. The new river valley got heavy rain for much of Sunday afternoon which could turn dangerous by morning.

Road crews started preparing for this Sunday's storm last week. Jason Bond, the spokesperson for VDOT, says that the department has been applying abrasives to the road to keep ice at bay. VDOT focuses most of their energy on main roads like route 460. On Sunday, they worked on secondary roads which are roadways labeled 600 and up.

Bond says because this storm was made up of mostly rain, VDOT's next concern is refreeze. If there are freezing temperatures over night, Bond says there could be a lot ice and slick spots by morning.

VDOT will have crews on 12 hour shifts Sunday night to monitor road conditions into Monday morning. VDOT representatives are warning drivers to take their time when heading out Monday morning.

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