VDOT: College students may want to go back to campus before Sunday due to snow

Photo date: 12/9/17 in Lynchburg (Gregory Martin)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- VDOT said it's watching the forecast closely and encourages you to do the same while planning your day on Sunday.

Monday is the first day back for many local colleges after spring break and ABC 13 weather experts are tracking the potential for a winter storm.

VDOT said they see increased travel the Sunday before classes go back in on the Monday after spring break, so they are encouraging drivers to watch the forecast and consider returning early to avoid driving during the anticipated winter weather.

VDOT said it can pre-treat up to 48 hours before a storm, but rain may prevent them from being able to do that this time.

Rain could transition to snow this weekend.

LATEST | Snow likely across Virginia on Sunday

Even if it doesn't rain and it just snows, VDOT said they will may have a limited window to pre-treat interstates and primary roads with bring on Saturday or Sunday because of the possible rain in the forecast until then.

VDOT employees have been alerted to the potential to work 12-hour shifts starting Sunday.

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