VDOT and a property owner are trying to fix a dangerous stretch of road


    BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WSET) -- State Police say Ryan Chambers died yesterday when he hit a patch of ice, lost control and crashed on Turner Branch Road.

    The ice is from a spring that runs onto the road, and neighbors say during the winter months the water will freeze, creating dangerous driving conditions.

    VDOT says there isn't much they can do about it because the water is coming off private property, but because of the rain expected tomorrow, they tried to temporarily fix the problem today.

    The property owner Kevin Leftwich says he's tried to solve the problem multiple times, but there are pipes running under his property and into his driveway and he doesn't know where they start.

    "That one runs water non stop like I said two days after it rains it runs down the hill and I don't know where it's coming from," Leftwich says.

    VDOT says in order to find a potential solution, someone must determine where the water is coming from and how often it's draining.

    Leftwich said he's sold the property to a young man who says he's going to try to fix the problem.

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