Va. Little League softball team disqualified ahead of championship for social media post

Atlee Little League All-Star Softball team (Photo: GoFundMe)

RICHMOND, Va. (WSET) -- A Virginia All-Star softball team has been disqualified from the Junior League World Series due to an ‘inappropriate’ social media post, according to WRIC in Richmond.

A spokesperson for the Little League International said Atlee's all-star softball team was removed from contention hours before they were set to play in the championship game in Washington Saturday afternoon,

Now the team that Atlee beat to reach Saturday's final has taken their place.

After discovering a recent inappropriate social media post involving members of Atlee Little League’s Junior League Softball tournament team, the Little League® International Tournament Committee has removed the Southeast Region from the 2017 Junior League Softball World Series for violation of Little League’s policies regarding unsportsmanlike conduct, inappropriate use of social media, and the high standard that Little League International holds for all its participants. The Tournament Committee will advance the Host Region from Kirkland American/National Little League to participate in the championship game, scheduled for Saturday, August 5 at 3 p.m. eastern time in Kirkland, Wash.”

Atlee coaches told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that the post reflected bad sportsmanship and was posted in response to inhospitable treatment from the host club, which Atlee defeated in the semifinals.

It's reported that a member of the team posted a picture on Snapchat with six teammates showing their middle fingers with a caption that made it clear it was intended for the other team.

A coach and a player from the other team were evicted in Friday's game.

An Atlee coach said the other's team coach was stealing signals and relaying them to a batter.

Atlee's all-star team went undefeated in both the Virginia State and Southeast Regional tournaments.

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