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Va Flaggers say not removing flags, working on more projects

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The VA Flaggers say they don't plan to remove any confederate flags. In fact, they plan to fast track more projects.

Full statement:

"The Va Flaggers have no plans to remove any of our 26 Roadside Memorial Battle Flags across the Commonwealth. In fact, in light of the recent attempts by the Governor and a few local politicians to encourage the destruction of Confederate Memorials, we intend to fast track the installation of several new projects in the next few months.

Just like our monuments, these Memorial flag sites honor and remember our Confederate dead, and will not be lowered or removed to appease the PC demands of a small, but very vocal and violent minority.

Our Monument Guards have been on alert all week across the Commonwealth, with a heavy presence today in response to the threat of violence by leftist anarchist groups. We are committed to protecting and preserving Confederate memorials, our Memorial Battle Flag sites, and the memory of our Confederate dead, at all costs. Those who have decided to wage war on our history, heritage, memorials, flags, and the honor of the Confederate Soldier's good name, will be met in a spirit as determined as that of our grandfathers who wore the grey.

Thank you,

Barry Isenhour

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VA Flaggers"

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