UPS celebrates its 110th birthday by giving a $10k check to Feeding America SWVA

As part of its 110th anniversary celebrations, UPS donated $10,000 to Feeding American Southwest Virginia (Photo: Amanda Allen, Feeding America SWVA)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- Good news for online shoppers!

UPS has expanded its service to include Saturday delivery in the Roanoke area.

The company already has about 700 employees just in Roanoke and say the expansion will mean more jobs!

UPS celebrated the big announcement, and its 110th anniversary by giving a check for $10 thousand dollars to Feeding America Southwest Virginia.

Amanda Allen, a spokesperson for Feeding America SWVA says the money "will be used to fund our computerized volunteer management system for the next two years. That system is very important to us, as we had 7,500 + volunteers last year and are on track to surpass that with the introduction of new volunteer opportunities. This system lets us arrange volunteer groups, advertise openings for volunteer activities, recording information on individual volunteers, track and keep the data secure." Allen added, "UPS certainly understands the need for effective, efficient operation and we’re so happy they decided to support us once again."

Congressman Bob Goodlatte was there. He seconded the importance of the program, saying "This check will be used in a way that is to me, pretty amazing. That is to manage 7,500 volunteers that they have here in southwest Virginia. That's a lot of manpower that helps them leverage those federal dollars and dollars that are contributed."

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