Two South Boston cops take on the lip sync battle

Officer Dennis Blanks Jr. and Officer Blake Jones during their lip sync video. (South Boston Police Dept.)

SOUTH BOSTON, Va. (WSET) --Police Departments all over the nation are participating in a lip sync battle that's blowing up on social media.

The officers in South Boston say they were begged by friends on Facebook to join the lip sync battle.

The Facebook video features Officer Blake Jones and Officer Dennis Blanks Jr. of the South Boston Police Department.

They chose more than 10 songs and lip synced to them on Facebook.

The playlist included "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls and "A thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton.

The video has gotten more than 100 thousand views on Facebook.

Officer Blanks says the two are best friends and that they make videos all the time.

Both men say it's all about showing that police officers can have fun too.

"This line of work, you go through a lot so being able to have fun, it keeps you going so we had a great time and we enjoyed it," Blanks said.

"We try to show everybody that we're still human too even though we have a badge," Jones said.

Both officers said they're now challenging the Halifax County Sheriffs Office to join in on the fun.

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