Tunstall High School student killed in alcohol-related accident driving home from N.C.

(Photo Courtesy: Jamie McBride)

DRY FORK, Va. (WSET) -- North Carolina State Highway Patrol said a young girl has died after an accident near Hyco Lake this weekend. She happened to be a Tunstall High School senior and cheerleader.

Police said Brandi Beckelheimer, 18, was in an SUV with four other teenagers driving home from Hyco Lake in North Carolina on Sunday around 8:30 p.m.

State Trooper Mark Melvin said the driver, 17, was going down Concord Ceffo Road in Semora, North Carolina. He said Beckelheimer was hanging out the front passenger window and she fell out on to the asphalt.

The ages of the teenagers in the vehicle ranged from 17-18.

Police said alcohol was involved in the crash. Trooper Melvin said the driver had .06 of blood alcohol content in his system.

Trooper Melvin made it clear that not all of the teenagers in the vehicle had alcohol in their system, but investigators did draw blood from Beckelheimer to see if she had been drinking.

The driver has been charged with driving while impaired and an underage DWI.

Police said the crash is under investigation and more charges could come forth.

Superintendent of Pittsylvania County Schools Dr. Mark Jones said her death is a tragic loss.

We were awaiting a response from Tunstall High School Tuesday.

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