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Trump supporters gather outside the Red Hen to protest restaurant

Protester outside the Red Hen (WSET)
Protester outside the Red Hen (WSET)
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LEXINGTON, Va. (WSET) -- Protesters gathered outside the Red Hen in Lexington Tuesday afternoon to protest the actions of the restaurant's owner Friday night.

On Friday night White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was dining at the restaurant when the owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, asked her to leave.

Sanders described the incident in a tweet she sent out Saturday morning.

Since then there has been major outrage online over Wilkinson's actions.

Tuesday, people turned to the street with their signs in hand to protest the restaurant, which has remained closed since the incident.

Outside the Red Hen people were chanting and held homemade signs, Corey Stewart campaign signs and American and Make America Great Again flags.

Police had to block the portion of the street where it was happening.

One protester threw what appeared to be chicken poop at the side of the restaurant, and was subsequently arrested.

The fire department was then put to the task of cleaning it. Police said he yelled "Make America Great Again" while throwing it.

Another man held signs that said "Homos are full of demons" and "Unless they repent Let God Burn Them (LGBT) 2 Peter 2:6."

The protesters had cleared up by 7:00 pm Tuesday night.

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