Tracking rain this week and the possibility of....snow this weekend


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- For the first week of April, ABC 13 weather experts are tracking rain and the possibility of other types of precipitation...yes the "s" word.

After a round of morning rain on Monday, more showers could develop along a warm front that is just to the south, which could mean that some people could see another shower Monday evening.

Overnight into Tuesday, the temperatures could be tricky.

Depending on where the warm front positions itself will determine what the lows are, right now it's looking to be in the middle to upper 40s for the lows and the chance of rain should fade after 1 a.m. - 2 a.m. Tuesday as the front will left far enough to the north.

Tuesday will bring a blend of sunshine and clouds.

The chance for rain on Tuesday likes about 20-percent.

Your rain chances increase again for Wednesday, with a cold front crossing the area.

The highs on Wednesday will reach the lower 60s.

Behind that cold front, you can look for temperatures in the 50s on Thursday with sunshine and a breeze.

Friday is dry, but yet another front will cross that will knock us down into the upper 40s for Saturday.

Now Saturday, we're watching a system to our south where some models are putting enough moisture (and cold air) around for Saturday for some of that rain to mix with some very wet snow flakes.

But, this forecast is going to keep changing as we are days away.

Make sure you keep checking back for updates.

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