Tornado and straight line wind damage reported

The first tornado warning in our area was issued for Danville

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Strong thunderstorms have caused tornado and significant wind damage across the ABC-13 viewing area.

Visual confirmations of a tornado were reported in Lynchburg, to ABC-13 and the National Weather Service (NWS). The NWS and George Flickinger will investigate these locations on Monday.

Tornado Warnings were issued for Danville, Pittsylvania and Campbell counties before they were cancelled by the NWS as the storms reached Lynchburg.

The storm restrengthened over Lynchburg with tornado damage reported in the Timberlake area. Tornado Warnings were then issued for Lynchburg, and Amherst.

The worst storm damage in Lynchburg occurred several miles west of Liberty University and several miles west of downtown Lynchburg.

Businesses, homes and trees were damaged along Timberlake Drive near Waterlick Road, Wyndhurst and Boonsboro.

The Elon community in Amherst county (about 20 minutes northwest of downtown Lynchburg ) was hit by a tornado with homes destroyed.

Numerous other locations reported strong wind and wind damage. The NWS will also check to see if damage in the Danville area was caused by a tornado or straight-line wind.

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