Tips for Wells Fargo customers affected by fraud charges

LU Executive Director of Center for Cyber Excellence, Allen Harper, talks about Wells Fargo fraud charges.

Several Wells Fargo customers tell ABC 13 their debit cards were hit with fraud charges from Amazon.

As mentioned in a previous story, a Wells Fargo spokesperson says the fraud charges are only showing up in Virginia and they are investigating how it happened. Wells Fargo says those committing the crime only have access to the card numbers, not the bank accounts.

A Liberty University cyber expert explained to us one scenario.

"Probably some Virginia specific data base in Virginia was compromised," LU Executive Director of Center for Cyber Excellence, Allen Harper, said. "The bad guys or people committing fraud are working through that data, perhaps probing and testing to see what the limits of that data is and perhaps for whatever reason they chose to start with the Wells Fargo accounts."

Harper emphasized this is just one possibility and it's still not clear what happened.

But he has these suggestions for customers.

review bank statements often

enroll in a credit monitoring service

use two-factor authentication

use a card with a chip for in-person purchases

use a third party payment processor, such as PayPal

Harper said Wells Fargo customers should also be aware that the bank has a 60-day threshold on when customers can report fraud on their debit cards. If you wait past that time period, they won't process the claim. He also suggest customers use only credit cards when purchasing online, instead of debit cards. That's because it's the banks money being used and it's usually easier to get it back if fraud is committed.

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