Timberlake Burger King getting makeover after tornado, crews working against elements

A look at the damage outside Burger King on April 15 after a tornado tore through Timberlake Road in Campbell County (Mark Spain)

CAMPBELL Co., Va. (WSET) -- A rainy Tuesday caused even more headaches for the victims of last week's tornadoes in Lynchburg, Campbell County, and Amherst County.

The rain caused delays in the cleanup process.

Employees at Waterlick Garage are trying to salvage what they can so they can start over, but the rain is only hurting them more.

"We worked until 7 p.m. last night, getting temporary coverage," said Tom Scott, a general contractor. "It's all you can do."

Scott built an office space on Timberlake Drive as well as the Century 21 building across the street.

As he continues to assess the damage to rebuild, he only has one task for now and that's making sure what's left over from the tornado is safe from the elements.

"Stop rain and water from getting in the buildings, hard to mediate it," he said.

At the nearby Burger King, Project Manager David Wood can relate.

"It kills us, we gotta take extra precaution to make sure we don't cause extra damage with the water," Wood said.

The Burger King was destroyed after a steel burger sign impaled the backside of the roof.

They have crews working long hours to open the doors at the fast food restaurant again.

"Burger King is our bread and butter we usually do interior exterior remodels," Wood said.

That Burger Kind was slated for a remodel in about two years, but the tornado moved up the renovations to the top of the list.

Wood said they are going to gut the inside of the restaurant, redo it, and it will get a big face-lift.

Once the rain dissipates, they have high hopes for this Burger King makeover.

Wood also adds he expects this Burger King to be brand new in six weeks.

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