Tickborne illnesses on the rise; other summer safety checks before vacation

Tick nymphs are as tiny as poppy seeds in comparison to the larger, more distinctive adults. Public Health Image Library

DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- A lot of us are ready for vacation, but we need to include some safety checks in our vacation plans.

Health professionals recommend you keep an emergency kit with you at all times, with things like bug spray and water to stay hydrated.

Tim Mynes with MedExpress says during the summer he sees a lot of injured people walking through his doors.

"Sprained ankles, broken arms some lacerations," he said.

"School is out and children get hurt from playing outside more and being a little more rambunctious since it' summer," said Tammie Nales, a parent of a young child.

Dr. Mynes says he sees a lot of outdoor lovers and campers as well.

"Lot of rashes, poison ivy, tick bites," he said. "CDC actually put out a warning that tick born illness are on the rise and we've seen an uptick in tick related illnesses."

A new study by MedExpress breaks down the 10 most common reason urgent care visits made.

The top three: pink eye, ear infections, and skin infections.

You might be going on a picnic this summer too, so Dr. Mynes says to keep your food refrigerated to avoid getting any stomach bugs.

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