Three women wanted after woman's wallet with credit cards, cash stolen from vehicle

(Surveillance footage screengrab provided by Foot Action)

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- One Lynchburg woman is asking for help after she said her bag was stolen from her unlocked car Saturday evening.

Michelle Hamrick Ayers and her husband checked out the streets around where she was parked on Church Street downtown, and they found her bag several blocks away.

Her wallet with five credit cards and cash was not inside.

All credit cards have been canceled, but one of the cards was used shortly after it was stolen at Foot Action at River Ridge Mall in Lynchburg.

Surveillance footage shows three women using the card at the store.

Ayers said she always makes sure to lock her car, but has learned her lesson the hard way after she forgot this one time.

"Whether it's Downtown Lynchubrg, all over lynchburg, no matter what this stuff happens everywhere," she said. "I lock it no matter what, even at my home, where you might feel safe, and there's less traffic and things. But, you just never know."

The Lynchburg Police Department has not commented on the investigation.

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