Three brothers, studying at LU, await other brother's return from St. Martin

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- As Irma ripped through the Caribbean, three medical students at Liberty University were awaiting their brother's return from his medical school in St. Martin. As the three brothers attend class at Liberty University's Medical School, they worried about their sibling studying medicine in the path of Irma.

"Something we never would have expected," said Taylor Mitchell.

Matthew Mitchell attends American University of the Caribbean, which also doubled as his shelter when Hurricane Irma hit.

"We gathered a few, a days worth of belongings food and water, for a few days, and an air mattress, and everyone headed to the school, hundreds of people," said Taylor. "The minutes started to go like hours, and the hours like weeks."

Matthew's medical school stayed surprisingly intact.

"The school stood so strong, it looked like there must have been a shield over it compared to the rest of the island," Taylor added. "The building to the other side of us was completely caved in."

Then it was time to evacuate, Matthew said the women and children took first priority and he joined them hours later.

In Lynchburg, his three brothers were waiting for their family to get back to the states.

"We were pretty nervous," explained Benjamin Mitchell, who is a second year student at Liberty University Medical School.

Matthew, his wife, and child are in Chicago because the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine is headquartered there.

"They have to leave their possessions behind, but they can rebuild that stuff," Benjamin said.

"Because the majority of my family is in Lynchburg, we're planning a big family Christmas out in Lynchburg," Matthew added.

Matthew added that the first responders were incredible for bringing him and so many others to safety.

The family has created a GoFundMe page to help out Taylor and his family, to donate, click here.

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