'The Waltons' star Richard Thomas visits Nelson Co. for ribbon cutting, museum anniversary

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For the first time in more than 40 years, Richard Thomas, who starred as John Boy in The Waltons, returned to Schuyler.

He joined a crowd of others celebrating the purchase of the Waltons Hamner House and the 25th Anniversary of The Waltons Museum.

This comes just months after other cast members came for the 45th Anniversary Reunion.

"It was never possible for me to come, so this was a big deal for me to finally get here," said Thomas.

His role represented Earl Hamner, whose childhood home inspired the one in the hit TV show.

"The Waltons was such a wonderful piece of work, something that was no only good for me and was exciting from a career point of view, but was, really really satisfying artistically and that I could still be proud of," he said.

Folks traveled for miles for this and from out of state.

"It's a fabulous show with great family values, and I'm grateful that it's still alive and well today," said Anita Wagner, who traveled from Muncy, Pennsylvania.

The people who bought the home said it's more than an investment.

"We didn't want the house to become a private home. We wanted it to be open for everybody in the community and for everyone in the world to enjoy," said Carole Johnson, who purchased the property with Ray Castro and Kirstin DeMaio.

As they mark the museum's 25-year milestone and a new chapter for the historic home, they remember the inspiration behind it all.

"It's such a profound impact on everybody's lives and everybody that comes to Schuyler," said DeMaio. "Earl spoke of the triangle that really impacted his writing later on, and it was the home, church and school.

You can come out and see TV and community history for yourself. Click here for information on the Waltons Mountain Museum.

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