The push for public art: Danville brings new art installations to city


    The City of Danville is bringing more public art to the forefront -- on the Riverwalk Trail.

    Danville Parks and Recreation put the city's newest piece, 'Spiraling Away' on display along the Riverwalk Trail Friday.

    It's the first of nine pieces of art to be on display throughout the city.

    You'll also find murals decorating the city's streets in the River District.

    The River District Association is making it easier to get murals approved.

    They say all you have to do now is take your idea to the city's design commission.

    Folk in the community think its a great idea.

    "Cities that have lots of murals I think people come there just to see them," said Danville native Erin Gusler. "So the more murals and art we can get the more of a destination and tourist spot Danville will become."

    The city will be installing the second sculpture near Main Street Fountain on Tuesday.

    Grants and community donations paid for all nine works.

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