The 'Great Windstorm of '93' - 25 Years Later

Source: WSET Archive

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- 5:00 on June 4, 1993 was a day most in Lynchburg at time will never forget.

That afternoon, a long line of showers and storms was inbound from the west, riding along a stationary front. However, these were no regular thunderstorms, these were strong, violent and powerful storms with a history of wind gusts up to 90mph in parts of Kentucky.

Officially, the airport measured a windgust of 60mph just after 5:00 on that Friday afternoon. But, there were several unofficial reports of gusts upwards of 70+mph.

Damage was extensive. Especially in Downtown Lynchburg. Church steeples blown over. And a graveyard of snapped trees littered the city. Some would say this damage was even more extensive and severe than the Derecho of 2012.

Just like the Derecho of 2012, Power Outages were widespread and many were in the dark through the weekend into the following week. People lining up at the Ice Plant just to stay cool.

Another interesting feat of this day, was that earlier in the afternoon, large hail fell south of Lynchburg. Unofficial reports of some communities receiving up to softball sized hail earlier in the day, then were hit a few hours later by the wind.

It is important to note that typically, events like this come once every 10-20 years.

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