Governor declares state of emergency at Charlottesville Unite the Right rally


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WSET) - The white nationalist rally, Unite the Right, took place Saturday.

The rally was supposed to begin at noon, but there were already scores of people flooding Emancipation Park by 10 a.m.

Governor McAuliffe declared a state of emergency just before noon, when the rally was supposed to start.

The white nationalists were protesting the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Emancipation Park, which until recently, was called Lee Park.

There was a violent clash Friday night at the University of Virginia.

Police declared it unlawful assembly and ordered people to leave, or be arrested.

Officials haven't been able to confirm how many people, if any, have been injured.

The National Guard has been deployed to help police de-escalate the situation.

Jimmy Rankins, Lt. Commander for the Stonewall Brigade of the Sons of Confederate Veterans released the following statements, condemning the violence:

“We condemn all the violence. We think the Klan has hijacked our history. We believe the Klan and other white nationalists have hijacked the Confederate flag. We oppose all violence. We are about history and only about the preservation of history in the context of when it happened.”

This is a developing story, stay with ABC 13 for updates.

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