T4Tactics to host "Kids and Guns - Don't Touch!" event in Jan.


    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Too many children have lost their lives in accidental gun deaths, so it's never too early to learn gun safety.

    T4Tactics in Lynchburg is hosting an event on January 13, 2018 called "Kids and Guns - Don't Touch." It's open to all ages.

    Kids are finding guns everywhere and not being told what to do.

    This upcoming hour and a half event will teach kids what and what not to do if they find an unsecured gun.

    They'll have coloring books and plenty of songs and games to get the point across.

    Experts say it all starts with responsible gun ownership, especially with adults.

    "Somebody's natural reaction when they pick up a gun if they're not trained is finger on the trigger, and they point it everywhere. So, we don't even use a real gun or fake gun in the training, we just have fun and teach them: 'If you see one, here's what you do,'" said Marko Galbreath, of T4Tactics, LLC.

    They'll get certificates for completing the course. The class is limited, so you may want to sign up now. For information, click here:

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