Sweet Briar College Holds First Town Hall Meeting

sweet briar town hall.jpg

Lynchburg, VA--

Hundred sat in anticipation waiting to hear from Sweet Briar leaders.

On Friday the community met for a the school's first town hall meeting.

Students and faculty raised concerns about retention among other issues.

"We can get all these people but, if we can't keep them then that's the biggest thing. I don't want girls to come and feel like they can't stay," said Junior Shaniqua Jones.

Board members shared possible solutions.

Including increasing diversity, marketing, fundraising, and most of all keeping an open door policy with students in the following years.

They say secrets are what almost lead to the school shutting down.

"This was done behind closed doors and we also kind of realized that there were a lot of things happening over the years and because we weren't aware of it there was nothing we could do," said Board of Directors member, Cecelia Valentine.

Now they can, by having their voices heard in meetings like these.

"There's some unique passion about here and we all share it."

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