Student-led Cyber SWAT Team produces movie about consequences of 'sexting'


BEDFORD Co., Va. (WSET) -- Students in Bedford County are standing up to sexting.

Jefferson Forest High School students, part of the Cyber SWAT Team, started their campaign and showed the high school an 11 minute movie on Friday.

The movie was called Exposed and it was written, directed, acted, and produced by the 18 member group at school.

The Cyber SWAT Team which stands for Safety While Accessing Technology is a peer-to-peer idea that is part of Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown's Safe Surfin' non profit.

Students help raise awareness of the the dangers with sending illicit pictures and sharing them with others and want their peers to know there can be consequences for their actions.

"Being underage kind of makes people think, 'Oh I can do I can say whatever I want to,' especially behind a screen which is very important why we're promoting that you're not invincible, and just because you're hiding behind your technology does not mean you can say or do whatever you want," said Sarah Detwiler, a senior at Jefferson Forest High School.

Sheriff Brown plans to promote this movie statewide.

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