State Police open criminal investigation into Lindenburg Industry LLC

Lindenburg Industry LLC failed in Appomattox after receiving $1.4 million in taxpayer funds in a grant from the state. Now, the state it trying to get that money back.

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET)- Virginia State Police have opened a criminal investigation into a failed Appomattox project.

A Chinese company's project, Lindenburg Industry LLC, failed in Appomattox after receiving $1.4 million in taxpayer funds.

An investigation by The Roanoke Times discovered flippant vetting of Lindenburg Industry LLC.

The factory had received money from the Governor's Opportunity Fund to manufacture industrial clean-air products.

What was originally an initial inquiry has now been expanded to a criminal investigation.

The state sought to get money back, but the company missed a deadline earlier this month to repay the 7-figure grant.

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