Southside schools take safety measures for possible emergencies

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DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- In the wake of the recent school shooting in Kentucky, Danville Public Schools and Pittsylvania County Public Schools shared how they prepare for possible emergency scenarios.

Danville Public Schools has a Crisis Manager App that includes 18 options that tell users what to do for various situations.

"I think it's all about practice. If you just do it a couple times then you get rusty," said Steven Mayhew, principal of Dan River High School.

Lockdown drills are only required in September and January in Virginia, but Dan River High School has at least one lockdown drill a month.

Danville Public Schools's Executive Director of School Safety, Dr. Dave Cochran, said they have surveillance cameras inside and outside of schools, along with walk-through metal detectors at some of the schools.

"All of the things we have in place we consider to be deterrents to try to prevent any act of violence," said Dr. Cochran.

The schools also have a system which monitors open source public media around Danville.

"Any open source of social media that was sent out or tweeted or posted that contains words that relate to school violence or to mental health concerns, we're going to see that," according to Dr. Cochran.

The school districts say they're always looking at improving safety.

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