Solar farm nearly complete in Danville will help power up to 600 homes


DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- The Southside is making progress on its new solar farm.

Back in May 2016, the Danville Municipal Utility announced its partnership with Washington Gas and Light to construct a six megawatt solar farm.

Now eight months later, the project is nearly completely.

A portion of the nearly 2,300 panels have been installed.

The farm located on Kentuck Church Road in Ringgold is expected to cover 75 acres and the city said this multi-million dollar project will help reduce energy transmission fees during the summer months, but you may not notice that much of a difference on your bill at first.

"We don't have to pay the transmission and capacity charges and reduce the cost that we pass along to our customers," said Jason Grey, the Director of Utilities in Danville. "It will help stabilize as we're seeing an increase in costs."

Grey said the solar farm is expected to serve up to 600 households in the area and this farm will count for just over one-percent of the total energy supply.

The solar farm is expected to be running by the end of February.

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