Soering says DNA testing would have kept him out of prison

Jens Soering during a previous interview (WSET)

BEDFORD Co., Va. (WSET) - ABC's 20/20 did a special on a case that's been infamous in our area, the Haysom murders, and Jens Soering's conviction.

Jens spoke to ABC from prison claiming his innocence.

Soering believes if evidence with the Type O blood found at the crime scene had been tested for DNA during the trial, he wouldn't have gone to prison.

We spoke with Soering on December 22, 2017.

"The jury was split 6-6 when the deliberations began so this was not a clear-cut case for the jury, if they had this information it's quite likely that they would have acquitted me because the type O blood was the only serious forensic evidence they had. and could have shown this to the jury 27 years ago that the type O blood belonged to somebody else," he said.

He filed a petition for an absolute pardon over a year ago, and that investigation hasn't started yet.

We asked the head of the parole board last week when that investigation will begin, and she simply said "soon."

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