Snow day likely ahead! Update for Lynchburg, Danville and Roanoke area


Hey friends! Here are answers to your questions including amounts of snow, timing, roads, and schools.

While the maps and amounts will continue to change slightly, we're confident our area will have measurable snow late Tuesday and Wednesday.


-Most common snowfall amounts: 1" to 3". This includes Lynchburg, Danville, and Roanoke.

-How much will these amounts change? Probably not a whole lot. On the low end, 0" to 1" will be possible. Amounts over 4-5" are unlikely.


-Snow will move in from the west on Tuesday. The first local snow will occur in the mountains toward Roanoke and Blacksburg during Tuesday afternoon or evening. At the earliest, light snow/flurries could begin as early as Tuesday at Noon.

-Snow chances increase toward and after Tuesday 5pm in all local locations.

-Most snow in the Lynchburg/Danville area will occur after Tuesday 5pm. Flurries will be possible before 5pm.

-Heaviest snow= Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

-On Wednesday morning, many of us awaken to snow on the ground and/or falling snow.

-Snow will taper off Wednesday afternoon though flurries will persist.

-Thursday is dry though we'll wake up to snow on the ground from Wednesday's snow.


-School delays and closings are likely Wednesday. This includes everyone in the ABC-13 viewing area (Lynchburg, Danville, Roanoke.)

-If you have a major road trip, I recommend leaving before Tuesday 5pm. The worst travel conditions will be Tuesday overnight and Wednesday.

-Events on Tuesday night might be canceled even though snow hasn't started in all locations yet.

-Events scheduled for Wednesday may be canceled/postponed.

-Many schools likely closed on Wednesday!

-It's definitely possible that schools could be delayed or canceled Thursday also.

-This will tend to be "dry" snow instead of a "wet" snow.


-Lynchburg and Roanoke airports will be impacted.

-Flights on Tuesday night should be able to get out.

-Depending on snowfall rates and airline/airport safety, flights on Wednesday from LYH or ROA could be delayed or cancelled.

-If you're flying to Charlotte, your flights on Tuesday should be good.

-Wednesday's flights out of CLT will likely be delayed, possibly a few cancellations. Charlotte gets 0" to 2" of snow during Wednesday.

Friends-- This won't officially be a major winter storm locally, but messy roads and slippery conditions will develop. Many cancellations and delays likely coming. And you might be able to make a little snowman!

More updates to follow. - George

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