Snow begins Sunday morning


We’ve been tracking for the trajectory of a Winter Storm across Virginia and Carolinas for over a week.

During this time we’ve been focusing on the center of the storm (and not the exact snow totals) based on the upper level winds as the wind directly impacts how much snow we’ll receive.

After indicating heavy snow for Virginia for over a week, the path has now shifted south. The upper level part of the system also doesn’t appear to be generating as much snow.

As a result, our snow totals will be lower than previously anticipated.

However, we will see heavy snow amounts possible in the mountains, Southside and North Carolina. (We’ll post our updated snow map later today.)

In the ABC-13 viewing area, the snow begins Sunday morning.

Snowflakes will begin falling in Southside between 3am and 10am.

Snow arrives between 7am and Noon in the Lynchburg area and Roanoke.

The heaviest snow will fall Sunday afternoon and Sunday night.

The snow will exit out our area early Monday morning before 7am.

We’ll post an updated snowfall forecast map later today. – George

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