Snakes on the road: Animal Warden officers help rattlesnake cross Roanoke road

(Roanoke Police Department)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- Why did the rattlesnake cross the road?

The Roanoke City Police Department said now that it's getting into the summer months, it's a good reminder to watch out for snakes and other potentially dangerous wildlife.

The summer heart, roadwork, and construction can cause snakes to become more active and look for a different location.

A rattlesnake was seen trying to cross Franklin Road in Roanoke Tuesday morning and Animal Warden officers helped to move it to safety.

It’s illegal in Virginia to kill or relocate snakes unless they’re an immediate danger to people, police said.

Police said Animal Wardens don't typically respond to calls concerning snakes, but this was a special circumstance.

If you’d like a snake removed from your property or feel like a snake is a danger where it is, you can call Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke at (540) 798-9836 and have them take care of the animal.

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