SML Mariner's Landing getting $400,000 makeover in time for Memorial Day


SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE, Va. (WSET) -- Mariner's Landing is getting a major makeover.

Developers have been building up the area for years, but they say this current $400,000 project is the biggest one they have done.

"Mariner's is a unique place, we get to do a lot of different things," said Tommy Esaray, the General Manager of Mariner's Landing at Smith Mountain Lake. "It's just a good time for everyone to work together and get it done."

He said condos are being transformed and people will be able to have breakfast with a view.

"Redoing indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub areas, landscaping everywhere," Esaray said.

They are also doing beach renovation and dock work.

Half of the $400,000 project is going to the golf course.

"You don't have to drive 30 miles somewhere to go play golf," Ric Heinemann, who runs the junior golf programs at the Golf Course, said. "It's all right here, and that's been great for both the golf course and the community."

The Golf Course opened in 1993.

Heinemann believes landscaping and cutting down trees that are overgrown is money well spent.

"You do a little bit every year, but at some point, there's a big change that you need to do," he said. "Providing a good venue for golfers to come play, and a good venue for people to come visit Mariner's landing"

He thinks once people hit the new links, they'll want to keep coming back.

The renovations should be done by May 26, just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

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