Officials: Science and other evidence shows Jens Soering is innocent

Jens Soering speaks from prison in 2011 (WSET)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WSET) -- The Albemarle County Sheriff and two experts held a press conference about their belief that Jens Soering is innocent.

They said if he were tried today, the verdict would be not guilty.

Sheriff Chip Harding has spent more than 400 hours searching through the evidence and the case files, which has led him to believe that Soering has been wrongly imprisoned for all these years.

Derek and Nancy Haysom were brutally murdered in their Bedford County home in 1985 and in 1990, Soering was sentenced to two life sentences for their murder.

He has been been fighting for his freedom since 2002, which is when he was first eligible for parole.

Harding is urging those who can do something about it to sit up and take notice.

Harding said he's known for being tough on crime, but as he reviewed this case, he says he couldn't believe what made it into the courtroom, or perhaps more important, what was left out.

They highlighted DNA evidence as well as other issues they have with the way evidence was presented.

In 2010, Governor Tim Kaine ordered Soering's transfer, but that decision was then revoked when Bob McDonell took office; if Soering is transferred he would be eligible for release after two years

The Department of Forensic Science wrote in a letter to Soering's attorney that the AB blood found in the kitchen (23K #1) and AB blood found on the front entrance door (7FE #1) could possibly be a mixture of other blood types mixing together.

Retired detective Richard Hudson is a believer now too and has also spent several hundred hours reviewing the case.

"I will tell you right now that I don't believe, based on all my conversations, I do not believe Jens Soering participated in the murders of derek and Nancy Haysom," said Retired Charlottesville detective, Richard Hudson.

Soering's attorney asked DNA expert Thomas McClintock to review the tests and procedures, and he warned that his findings will only be science based and may not support Soering's cause.

"So DNA confirms male, single source not a mixture, and Jens Soering dna profile does not," Hudson added.

Bottom line, they're all saying this is a matter of justice and they're trying to urge the investigators on Soering's petition for an absolute pardon to get moving.

Bedford County Major Ricky Gardner, who was one of the investigators on the Haysom case, said he wanted to watch the press conference before making any comments, but in the past he has stood by his conclusion that Soering is the killer.

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