Sheriff: Man wanted for scamming elderly woman in Campbell Co.

(MGN Online)

CAMPBELL Co. (WSET) -- The Campbell County Sheriff's Office says they are looking for a man who scammed an elderly woman in Evington.

According to officials, the elderly lady answered a knock at her side door at her home on Colonial Highway. They say a man at the door stated that he was with the light company and needed to change a transformer on her property.

They say the man asked the victim to step outside so they could flag the area where he would be working. The woman asked for an ID, but he did not show her one. She did step outside with man.

They say the man kept her outside with small talk until he finally left.

Officials say a few hours later the victim noticed that her pocketbook in her bedroom had been gone through and cash and her wallet were missing.

They say it is believe that another person was with the male suspect.

According to officials, the man is described as having a medium build, approximately 5'6" tall wearing a baseball cap and jacket. The vehicle he was in is described as a newer model white Chrysler or Cadillac Town Car.

Officials say to not open your doors for strangers. Ask to see ID and if they cannot provide ID then state that you will call officials.

They also say to always keep your doors locked whether you're home or not, do not allow anyone to come inside your residence, and keep valuables out of your vehicles and lock your vehicles.

If anyone has any information about this case, please contact the Campbell County Sheriff's Office at (434)-592-9580.

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