Several Stores Already Feeling Festive


Lynchburg, VA (WSET) -- With the turning of the calendar... It's time to ring in the season.

"We usually start setting up for Christmas about Mid-October" says Philip Helbling, a manager at Virginia Farm Supply on Boonsboro Road in Lynchburg.

Inside the store, you'll find everything from trees, to lights to ornaments.

According to Helbling, "People usually start looking around Mid-November"

Therefore, they want to be ready when you're ready.

The same can be said over at Dee's Halmark on Wards Road -- except they get ready even earlier.

"We start setting up in July" says owner Brian Loomis.

It starts with tiny things like the Hallmark Ornament Premiere that gradually get bigger, and then it's full steam ahead to the North Pole.

Both stores we talked too agree, the Christmas itch seems to come earlier now...

Loomis said "One side of the consumer base that things 'why are you starting so early but then there is another side that is very excited"

Helbling also added "We used to be able to wait until Mid-November to set up... it's earlier and earlier every year"

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