Scaremare ready to spook you with new thrills and pyrotechnics

    Some of the scary sights you'll see at Scaremare. (WSET)

    LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- There are some new things to be scared about at the 46th annual Scaremare.

    Organizers say this year’s tag line is “Your worst nightmare begins here.” At least 28,000 people will experience 45 minutes of terror.

    After more than 40 years, those working behind the scenes at Scaremare are more than ready to frighten their next victims.

    Scaremare volunteers gave ABC 13 a first look at some of their plans.

    "It's a lot of work to do it, but it's really fun and rewarding," said Zane Wiesman, a Scaremare volunteer.

    "We're excited this year, we've got some new cast of characters in our woods area," said Josh Coldren, the director of operations.

    If you survive to travel into the woods, they say you won't see just one theme, like in years past.

    They'll have what they call scare zones.

    "We're breaking more into some serial killers, some tributes to some pretty famous people, not necessarily famous for good things, but for scary things," said Chadler Robinson, the creative director of the woods.

    She says they're adding a prison break, new costumes and weapons, and a little extra blood.

    Repeat victims can get caught up inside their favorite vortex.

    But Scaremare volunteers aren't giving all their secrets away. They say you'll have to go and see it for yourself.

    "We don't want to reveal all of our secrets because we want some of it to be a surprise as you come through Scaremare, but what I can tell you is there is some pyrotechnics involved this year," said Coldren.

    As expected, 900 Volunteers are ready to jump out and scare the daylights out of you.

    "We have some animotronics and things, but having live people jumping out scaring you, makes us very unique," Coldren said.

    Scaremare is held Thursday through Saturday until October 27.

    On Thursdays there are discounts for military members and students.

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