Scan, Bag, Go comes to New River Valley Kroger


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) -- Kroger's Mid-Atlantic Division launched its new Scan, Bag, Go shopping technology in the New River Valley Tuesday.

The service is available at the University City Kroger in Blacksburg, the second store in the Mid-Atlantic Division with the service, and the first grocery store to have the self-scanning technology in the New River Valley.

Scan, Bag, Go is an additional option for Kroger customers, alongside online ordering, traditional checkout lanes and home delivery.

“Our goal is to provide customers a simple, personalized shopping experience that saves them time and money," said Allison McGee, corporate affairs manager of the Mid-Atlantic Division.

According to Kroger, customers use a wireless handheld scanner or the Scan, Bag, Go app on their personal device to scan as they shop. The custom then bags their items as they shop and use self-checkout to pay.

There is no fee to use Scan, Bag, Go.

According to the Scan, Bag, Go leader, Kyle Russell, the number of traditional checkout lanes has been reduced, but no associates will lose their jobs because of the service.

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