Saunders Brothers share tips on beating the deep freeze

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LYNCHBURG,Va.(WSET) - The team at Saunders Brothers enjoyed the mild weather on Friday afternoon as they prepared for Saturday's deep freeze. The forecast calls for temps in the low twenties.

"When we get 25, 26 we can deal with those things, but when you start getting 20.. you're in deep freeze," said Saunders.

Despite the unseasonable weather, Saunders says depending on what's being planted, many home gardens will be just fine.

"A lot of the plants in your landscape, if they have been burned most of them will come back pretty quickly. It all depends on what we get on Saturday night. That's what's really concerning us at this point."

For extra protection, the Saunders suggests people purchase a tarp and blanket to cover their plants.

They work as an insulator, keeping the plants warm.

Jim Saunders says his family uses a similar method in their orchards to protect their apple and peach crops.

"We put this shade cloth on. The wind can blow through, but it may make a two or three degrees differential which decides if we save these peaches or not," said Saunders.

With more than 50 acres of fruit trees and more than 35 varieties of peaches, Saunders says a freeze can be detrimental to business.

But like us at home, the Saunders brothers are hoping for the best.

We're hoping and praying it stays warm and as my dad says you don't have to go to Vegas to gamble." Said Saunders.

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