Roanoke Star Tank lets inventors pitch ideas to investors

Roanoke's Star Tank is now in its 4th year. (Photo: Annie Andersen)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- Forget Shark Tank. In Roanoke, it's all about Star Tank.

Tuesday, local entrepreneurs and inventors visited CoLab, to pitch their ideas to a group of investors.

In the 4 years since it started, investors have heard more than 100 different ideas.

This year, some of the potential investors were non-profits. They were looking both for products that would help their clients and also could help them give back even more to the community.

Amanda Stanley, the CEO for DePaul Community Resources explained, "It could be a way for us to have return on our investment for the organization that's not dependent on our traditional funds which is government revenue. So, it's alway a way for us to potentially diversify the revenue of DePaul and strengthen our organization."

Star Tank is totally funded by the investors who say they're willing to take the risk if the payout is bringing new businesses to the area.

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