Roanoke non-profit out thousands after thieves steal copper wiring

The stolen copper wire is only valued at about $50, but the damage to the machine will cost the non-profit thousands. (Picture: Roanoke Valley Speech and Hearing Center)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- Coming in to work Wednesday morning, employees at the Roanoke Valley Speech and Hearing Center got a shock.

Overnight, thieves had stolen some copper wiring from their air conditioning unit.

Executive director Agness Henderson says it will be at least a week until their air conditioning is back up and running.

Henderson's electrician estimates the value of the stolen wire to be just about $50. However, fixing the damage done to the unit will cost them thousands.

As a non-profit that works to stretch their money as far as it can go, this is upsetting for Henderson.

The center also had a mobile unit broken into within the past month. There, criminals stole smaller items like coffee creamers and an overhead projector.

Police were called out for both events, however detectives were not able to get any fingerprints from the copper theft.

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