Road rage shooting victim leaves behind 8-year-old son, family & investigators devastated

Jacob Robertson with his wife and son (Photo courtesy of Austin Robertson)

PITTSYLVANIA Co., Va. (WSET) -- A family is devastated after losing a loved one in a road rage shooting in Pittsylvania County Tuesday afternoon.

James Roland Hooper, III is facing a first degree murder charge of 27-year-old Jacob Steele Robertson.

Investigators say Hooper shot and killed Robertson at the Kangaroo gas station off Route 29 in Blairs after a road rage incident. According to warrants, Hooper told police that Robertson ran him off the road and then both vehicles went to the gas station.

Hooper got out of his vehicle from the driver's side and Robertson got out of his from the passenger side.

Warrants show investigators reported Hooper shot Robertson in the chest and right elbow and Robertson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators believe Hooper and Robertson did not know each other.

The sheriff's office says Roberston leaves behind a wife and an 8-year-old son.

His brother, Austin, described Jacob as a family man and a great father.

"Everything his whole life revolved around his family, whether it be his wife and child or whether it be his father, brother, mother," Austin said. "He always made sure that he had everything that he wanted even and then some."

Austin said the 24 hours after the shooting have been extremely difficult for the family.

"It's just as hard today as it was yesterday to wake up knowing he's not around," he said.

He said Jacob's wife messaged him Tuesday after the shooting telling him they had stopped at a gas station on their way to North Carolina and that Jacob was shot twice and didn't make it.

Austin said their family is really going to miss Jacob's smile and laugh and he wishes he could tell Jacob a few things, like how proud of him he was.

"Just like everybody else, he had his demons, but he had actually finally conquered those and was on the uphill side," Austin added. "He was such a good person."

The family says they are still working on funeral arrangements.

Robertson's death marks the fifth homicide the Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office has handled since the beginning of 2019.

Sheriff Mike Taylor said investigators on the scene do what they are trained to do, but after the depth of the situation begins to sink in.

"You begin to think about the families it has impacted and you think about the victim," Sheriff Taylor said. "You think about if this had not happened, how that person would have progressed in life."

Sheriff Taylor says his team is dedicated to keeping the community safe and he says the community has been calling and offering to feed the investigators to help them get through those long shifts.

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