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Rising gas prices hit truck driving industry hard

Truck drivers are feeling impact of high gas prices. (Credit: Kelsey Childress){p}{/p}
Truck drivers are feeling impact of high gas prices. (Credit: Kelsey Childress)

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For truckers in Virginia, they are seeing more than $4 per gallon for gas, which is $1 more than what they say last year.

Dale Bennett, president of the Virginia Trucking Association, said this issue of rising gas prices is coupled with a lot of other issues.

Because of the pandemic, truck companies had to increase driver wages to attract more drivers. Companies also saw an increase in insurance costs. Supply chain issues also increased the price of equipment that the trucks need.

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Bennett said with all of these challenges, it is difficult for companies right now.

"The industry is under a lot of pressure right now, you know, from those four main factors that are increasing our costs greatly," Bennett said.

He also said this issue is not only hitting truck companies, but also the consumer. He said trucking companies have fuel surcharges and those surcharges fluctuate with the price of gas.

So as the prices rise, that hits the vendors they ship to, which eventually falls on the consumer.

Bennett also said semi-trucks have two fuel tanks and between the two of them, they hold 240 to 300 gallons of gas. So, if gas is $4 per gallon, that can cost about $940 to $1200 a truck.

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