Restaurateur opens his doors, offering free meals on Thanksgiving.

The owner of Bethlehem Restaurant prepared Thanksgiving dinner for up to 700 people. (Photo: Annie Andersen)

ROANOKE, Va. (WSET) -- Imad Qenda has a simple wish for Thanksgiving. He hopes everybody has a full belly and spends the day with friends.

Qenda is from Palestine, and when he came to Roanoke he didn't have a lot of friends. Now he is the owner of Bethlehem restaurant on Williamson Road and he hopes to help others.

He spent a day and a half preparing a free Thanksgiving dinner for 700 people. His goal? To help people find food and friends in Roanoke.

"I give food to everybody," said Qenda. He continued, "For the refugees, for the homeless downtown. We have a lot of food. I wish a lot of people come."

Qenda prepared special turkeys with the spices from his hometown of Bethlehem.

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