Reminder: check your pipes, faucets to avoid plumbing issues

    Temperatures will be below freezing over the next couple of nights, so residents are urged to take steps to avoid plumbing issues.

    If you haven’t already, now’s a good time to get your pipes and faucets ready for extreme cold over the next couple of nights.

    Even plumbers are taking their own advice, as temperatures plummet.

    Jason Light with Lights Plumbing and Drain Cleaning said folks should disconnect their wall hydrants outside.

    He also said to make sure the valve connected to that hydrant is disconnected.

    If you live in a mobile home, make sure water lines are insulated.

    For any home, let your faucets drip a little, and open up some cabinets to keep pipes at room temperature.

    “We’ve seen it get so bad that actually sewer lines have froze up and had to be unthawed. Also, water lines freezing, having to rebuild pipes due to everything freezing and rupturing once things have thawed out," said Light.

    Light’s business does well when pipes freeze over, but he says he doesn’t mind giving a little advice to help people save money.

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