Recount declares Ben Farmer winner for Pittsylvania Co. Board of Supervisors seat

Ben Farmer (Ben Farmer's campaign page)

CHATHAM, Va. (WSET) - The official recount for the Gretna-Callands district for the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors over.

Ben Farmer was announced as the winner on election night, but Barbara Hancock, the challenger, filed for the recount.

On Thursday, Farmer was declared the official winner of the seat.

Only 14 votes separated Farmer from challenger Barbara Hancock. That number didn't change. Each candidate gained one vote in the recount, leaving the difference at 14 votes.

She filed for the recount, which took several hours, and will cost the county $3,000. They had to bring in state officials and voting machines for the recount. The registrar says that it will come out of the registrar's office budget.

"I'm very grateful to everybody who has take part of this process today and whatever the outcome I'm just grateful that things were done correctly," she said.

Farmer said he feels blessed now that this behind him. He told ABC 13 that he is excited to represent the people of his district.

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