Randolph College Celebrates 125th Anniversary

(Photo: Randolph Profile)

Lynchburg, VA. (WSET)- UPDATE: Happy Birthday to Randolph College!

125 years ago today William Waugh Smith founded Randolph Macon-Woman's college in 1891, after Randolph Macon College refused to allow women to attend.

The school transitioned to co-ed in 2007 amid some resistance, but today alums from all over the world are celebrating the school's continued success.

Frances Giles, a graduate of the class of RMWC of 1965, says it's still a very strong liberal arts college.

"And so really except for that little blip in the road when some people were not in favor of going co-ed the college hasn't changed from its basic core values. "

While it's spring break at the college this week- alums are celebrating with "Birthday Bashes" all over the world tonight-

And students are encouraged to celebrate with selfies using the #Randolph125 wherever they happen to be.

Randolph College is kicking off celebrations for the school's 125th anniversary.

But since students are on Spring Break right now, Randolph is offering a special event for staff and faculty still on campus.

Don't be surprised if you hear the Conway Bell ringing today.

It will be playing a part in the anniversary.

Then later this evening, a big birthday bash will be celebrated by alumni.

William Waugh Smith founded Randolph-Macon Woman's College 125 years ago after Randolph-Macon College in Ashland refused to allow women to attend.

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