Rainwater tanks expected to help Huddleston crews better fight fires

New water tanks will collect rainwater from one of Huddleston's volunteer fire departments off of Dundee Road. (Photo by: Priscilla Kaiser/WSET)

HUDDLESTON, Va. (WSET) -- A set of new water tanks in Huddleston are expected to help crews better fight fires in the area.

Captain Doug Kirby says in rural areas, there just isn't much of an option for firefighters to fill up their engine's water tanks.

In Huddleston, especially, there are no pressurized hydrants in the area.

Now, they have three tanks that collect up to 7,500 gallons of rainwater from the fire station's gutters.

If there is a fire, Capt. Kirby says they could get in and get out much easier and get 3-4 loads out of the tanks.

In the past, they would have to go as far as 8-miles to refill their trucks.

"A couple years ago we had one down here at Tollers Ferry that was right big, we had to travel a little distance to get water and when you do that it makes it kind of hard on time back and forth so you rely a lot on your neighbors to help as far as other departments to shuttle water to it," said Capt. Kirby.

Firefighters haven't been able to use the water from the tanks just yet, Capt. Kirby says they have only been up and running for two weeks and are just halfway full.

This is their second set of tanks, they have more at another fire station.

They cost about $6,200 and the money was provided by the Peaks of Otter Soil and Water Conservation District.

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