Va. woman has close call after being trapped by railroad crossing gate

WTVR/CNN Newsource)

SUSSEX COUNTY, Va. (WSET) – "Too close, way too close, way too close."

Karen Hamilton found herself in a very scary situation Monday afternoon.

WTVR reports that Hamilton was behind the wheel of her in her truck, at a stop sign, where she turned right towards the railroad tracks.

She said she looked both ways before proceeding forward when the unthinkable happened. The gate arms shut down on her truck.

"The gate was coming down on my truck and the train was right there, I had no warning, no nothing,” she said.

Hamilton believes if the warning bell and lights sounded before the arm came down she wouldn't have been in danger.

According to Hamilton, the crossing arm was right between her windshield and her hood. She said a freight train fast approaching."

"When I backed up, my antenna bent down and then came back up, but the arm came down, I was that close,” she said.

A witness said she could see Hamilton struggling to get her car into reverse.

"I tried putting it in reverse and I put it in park, so then I panicked and got it in reverse and backed up,” said Hamilton.

She believes that there was not enough warning.

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